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Using Happy Purim was the best decision!... running our Shalach Manot fundraiser became such a pleasure!! And guess what? HappyPurim was instrumental in our fundraiser’s success, so much so, we doubled our profits from the prior year!! Our preschool can’t wait to run it again this year!

Shari H.

Purim Fundraiser Chairperson

"I have been running a Purim fundraiser for our school for about 15 years and this was the first time it was simple, smooth and easy for the people ordering as well as for the administrative side."

Susan S.

PTA Volunteer and Shalach Monos Fundraiser Head

“Thank you so much to you and your staff. You were a pleasure to work with and your response time to any concerns was always speedy. We had an amazing Purim fundraiser this year. Our Mishloach Manot sales completely exceeded our expectations. We sold 70% more Mishloach Manot boxes this year than last year. The feedback from the parents and faculty/staff was that the site was extremely user-friendly. It was also very user-friendly from the administrator's side. In addition, your reports made it so easy to get our “Happy Purim” cards printed for delivery. We are looking forward to working with you again next Purim!”

Rachelle C. and Laurie K.

Mischloach Manot Co-Chairs

"We’ve been using HappyPurim.com since Purim 2005 with HUGE success. Using their web-based software makes managing a Shalach Manot fundraiser very easy and encourages our congregants’ participation in this wonderful mitzvah. We highly recommend HappyPurim.com to all shuls, schools and Shluchim without any reservation."

Rabbi Mendy M.

Synagogue Rabbi

"Using HappyPurim.com's service allowed us to concentrate on the creative process for our Shalach Manot fundraiser, knowing that our order processing, collections and database management were handled efficiently. As a result, our profits increased by 17% and participation increased, as well. The HappyPurim.com staff was easy to work with and always responsive. It's hard to imagine us handling our Shalach Manot program with any other partner."

Mona K.

Mishloach Manot Administrator

“Happy Purim helped us expand our Misloach Manot project. The HappyPurim.com website is unbelievably user friendly - all our congregants loved it. The staff support is also incredible - ready with prompt answers for all of our questions and patient support for those of us who weren't quite up to speed. Don't be afraid of going online - Happy Purim makes it so easy!”

Susan M.

Misloach Manot Fundraiser Chair

“We wanted to thank you for everything that you did to help our Mishloach Manot program run as smoothly as it did. Not only were you always available when we kept asking you questions every other minute, but you really stepped up to the plate when our Shalach Manot fundraiser chair had to step down mid-fundraiser. Everyone commented on the ease of your program, and your customer service cannot be beat! There is no doubt that we will be using your services again in the future, and we would be happy to recommend Happy Purim to other synagogues. Again, many thanks for all of your hard work and patience!!! Hope you had a nice Purim!!”

Joyce F. and Nancy B.

Purim Project Chairs

"I wouldn't go back to the old system for all the tea in China"

Janet C.

Purim Fundraiser Chairperson

"I am the co-president of our Temple Sisterhood and I must tell you how impressed I am at how easy and efficient the Happy Purim website and ordering is for someone who does not order online (me!)...and we are looking forward to growing with your help in the future..."

Caryn B.

Co-President, Temple Sisterhood

"From the simple registration, to the great technical support, we found the Happy Purim software easy to navigate and manage. The way they were able to handle reciprocity and supply us with a database (and a detailed list) of everyone whom shalach manos was being sent to was A+."

Carmi G.

Synagogue President

"Our synagogue has been using HappyPurim since 2007 for our Mishloah Manot project for Purim and it has made this program so much easier than it had been in the past. It is easy and working with the staff has been wonderful. They are available (and quickly respond), they are generous and kind in their responses, and they are clear so that no matter what you computer skill level they make it possible to obtain the results you are seeking. We have been extremely happy with HappyPurim and I would recommend this program highly to anyone."

Carol V.

Synagogue Executive Director

"Happypurim.com made the whole process easier. The system is efficient and user friendly, and the administrators are helpful and quick to reply. Our sales improved because it was so simple to use for coordination and for purchasing. We would recommend Happypurim to anyone who has a Purim Mishloach Manot fundraiser."

Debbie N.

Mishloach Manot Chairperson

"Our Sisterhood used HappyPurim.com for the first time in 2010. Our congregants enjoyed the convenience of the online ordering and we received a lot of positive feedback. This was financially our best year ever for Mishloach Manot. The support staff was excellent: they were always available and helpful. We would highly recommend HappyPurim.com to other Sisterhoods."

Irene and Beth

Fundraising Coordinators

"This was our first year running this fundraiser, and it was a new concept for most of our community. We exceeded our financial expectations by a wide margin and feel it can only get better next year and beyond. The HappyPurim.com people were helpful and supportive, even with our sometimes clueless rookie questions. We look forward to working with HappyPurim.com again next year."

Eric S.

Synagogue Executive Director

"Our synagogue used Happypurim.com for the first time this year. I found it very easy to use from the administrative end. Our synagogue members loved sitting at their home or office computers and scrolling through the list of congregation members. Many spent more than they normally would have, which resulted in our tripling our profits over last year. I loved "working" at home instead of running to the synagogue to work on this fundraiser. Our members were grateful for the ease of using the program and appreciated the email reminders I was able to send as the end date approached. I loved seeing the graph and tracking the $$$'s we were making. And using the reciprocal feature to automatically charge the credit cards made less work for me at the end of the holiday! Thanks to the guys behind HappyPurim for their support!"


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